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What is VASTprogrammer?

New development started June 2010. The new release to support the latest Java on Windows 7  is coming soon.

VASTprogrammer (VP) is a program that allows you to interact with your classic Kurzweil K2600, K2500 & K2000 series synth from any platform that runs Java.

See what users are saying or see for yourself by taking a look at the demo videos on the Downloads page.

It uses the familiar Kurzweil control paradigm; but in a much more useful and expanded way than you have ever seen before. VP is a Java program developed by Michael Warpenburg that allows users to interactively develop Setups, Programs & other types of objects on Kurzweil VAST machines. Users interact with the machine(s) in real-time using VP, and as such can also use it as a general control user interface in a performance setting.

VASTprogrammer is absolutely free.

I welcome comments, suggestions, feature requests & bug reports at VASTprogrammer@tangentcats.com.

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VP users hangout at the VASTprogrammer Yahoo Group and at the Mastering V.A.S.T. forum.

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